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The Great Books
Books open students’ minds to the world of knowledge in an environment that cherishes and embraces the written word in book form. 
Staffed by volunteer professional librarian, Barbara Hathaway, the library at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School houses a classical print collection of over 2,600 titles.
How Books are selected
  • To reflect the finest classical fiction and non-fiction
  • Assist students in building a Biblical worldview
  • To aid in building reading skills
  • To inspire a passion and respect for the love of learning and reading the great novels, poetry, stories and non-fiction
  • To support the curriculum
Holy Trinity Library Trivia
  • The first book added to library at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s library was The Classic Treasury of Aesop’s Fables by Don Dailey.
  • The 1000th book was the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
  • The 2000th book was Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska
The ability to read makes us human. The enjoyment of reading makes life worth living.  The love of reading gives us the wisdom to touch the mind of God.
Grammar School classes visit the library every week.
For more information about Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s library, please contact Barbara Hathaway at [email protected].