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The Board of Trustees has made a decision to serve and support families by officially adopting a faith based tuition policy, standing in faith in God’s provisions. Since opening our doors, tuition payments have only covered approximately 60% of Holy Trinity’s operating expenses. The remaining 40% has come from people like you, guided by God’s love for His children.


If everyone had a Classical Christian Education
Our citizens would…
  • know their history so well that they would be less likely to repeat mistakes of the past.
  • base their opinions on reason rather than emotion.
  • recognize fallacies, not being easily deceived or manipulated.
  • have the ability to express their thoughts and ideas in an articulate and persuasive matter.
  • demonstrate respectful behavior at the polls instead of denigrating from those from which they disagree.
Just imagine how different the world would be if our elected officials, media outlets, neighbors, community groups, and educators, all had that the type of education offered at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School.
If you would like additional information on how you can donate to Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, please contact our Director of Advancement, Celeste Pruit.
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