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Making a Difference
A growing Christian school steeped in classical tradition, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School seeks enthusiastic teachers who praise God, rejoice in children, celebrate learning, and love teaching.
The classical methodology at Holy Trinity equips students with wisdom, a fervent passion for truth, and a lifelong love of learning. 
Preferred candidates posses knowledge and/or experience in classical education and the ability to teach multiple subjects; state certification is optional.

Grammar School Faculty:

Please send all grammar school teacher inquiries to Minnie Bullock at [email protected].

Upper School Faculty:

Please send all upper school teacher inquiries to Dean Joe Lawrence at [email protected].

Preschool Faculty:
Please send all preschool teacher inquiries to Addy-Jo Hofmann, Preschool Director, at [email protected]

Please send all administrative or operational job inquiries to Minnie Bullock at [email protected].