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Growing Leaps & Bounds

In 2007, the Rev. Jeff Miller, Rector of the Parish Church of St. Helena, met with a small group over lunch and posited the idea of and the need for a classical Christian school in Beaufort. The idea captured the minds and hearts of those attending, including Bishop and Barbara Hathaway.
In 2009, an ad hoc committee was founded and given the responsibility of researching classical Christian education and the feasibility of founding a new school in Beaufort.
In June 2011, an initial Board of Governors meeting was held of some forty members. The by-laws were adopted and a Board of Trustees was elected. The process for application for 501c3 status was begun, and Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s Mission and Statement of Faith were affirmed.
Shortly thereafter, the Board of Trustees held its first meeting and offered the Rev. Chad Lawrence, a Curate at the Parish Church of St. Helena, the position of Founding Headmaster.
In September 2011, Rev. Lawrence began duties as Founding Headmaster with the goal of opening the school in August of 2012. Over the course of the next year, Rev. Lawrence and the Board of Trustees worked to find a suitable building, hire teachers, choose curricula, and recruit students.
In August 2012, Holy Trinity opened her doors to approximately 100 students in grades preschool through fifth in a leased building owned the Beaufort County School District. The initial plan was to add a grade a year until a full preschool-12th grade classical Christian education could be offered.
By August 2016, Holy Trinity had grown to approximately 275 students in grades preschool through 9th. The preschool moved to a satellite campus, renting classrooms and offices at the Parish Church of St. Helena. Meanwhile, the grammar and upper school remained at the Burroughs Ave. location.
In 2022, the Rev. Chad Lawrence stepped down as Headmaster and the Rev. Joe Lawrence was named as Interim Headmaster. Currently, Holy Trinity has 400+ students in grades preschool through 12th. 
Such growth speaks to the clear need for classical Christian education in the Beaufort community.