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When we look at a great work of art such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, we respond in two different ways:

First, we wonder.  What emotion hovers behind her elusive smile?  Who was she?  Why did Leonardo paint her?  How did he accomplish with paint and brush an image that has become so iconic in the minds of her viewers?

Our second response to a great work of art is the wish to emulate what we have seen.  Greatness inspires greatness, and motivates the receiver to embark on his or her own journey of creation.  As God breathed life into us (His creation), so He ignited in our hearts the spark of creativity – and as we fashion and form, paint and draw, sculpt and hew, are we not ultimately imitating the great Maker and Creator of the world Himself?

At Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, students seek to study, contemplate, and emulate the artistic masterpieces of the Western world.   From prehistoric cave paintings to Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance sculptures to Cubist portraits, our Art Through the Ages program provides students with an experience of art that follows the grand sweep of history.  By learning to truly see a masterpiece, students discover the valuable art of asking questions, which is perhaps more precious than the answers themselves.

Can I do that, too?  is a familiar question in the art room and the natural response to pondering great art.   Students are invited not only to look at art, but to create it for themselves in a hands-on way.  They work with pencils, paints, clay, mosaics, weaving, needlework, and a variety of mediums and projects the result if which embellish our hallways and bring our school to life.

Every grammar school student at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School students has art class once a week with our Fine Arts teacher, Anna Booman. Our upper school students have art with Suzanne Howard and music with Denise Stone.