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“A school without music is like a body without a soul.” 


If you take a walk down the halls of HTCCS, you cannot help but notice that music is all around.
Each day is heralded by the singing of hymns and praise songs in morning chapel, and music pervades the hallways for the remainder of the day – its joyful sound stealing from under classroom doors like laughter that cannot be suppressed.
Music and learning go hand in hand and complement each other the way that lyrics enhance a catchy tune and cement them in the mind for ever. In a world where music can often be compartmentalized and even eliminated altogether, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School seeks to make music an integral part of the student’s everyday life, enriching the educational process as well as “imparting grace to the inward places of the soul.”
The study of music is a key element to the development of a child, and cannot begin too young.   Students as young as 2 years old attend music classes in the Preschool and continue into the upper grades.
In all classes, students are exposed to great pieces of music. Indeed, one need only listen to Saint-Seans’ Carnival of the Animals, Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, Mozart’s Magic Flute, Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt, or Handel’s Messiah to be taken on a journey that only music can inspire. Through the study and analysis of these musical masterpieces that so capture the imagination, a deeper love and understanding of music is fostered.
Alongside the study of the musical classics is the training of the the human voice as a primary instrument of expression. Through the singing of folk songs, sacred music, and choral repertoire, as well as the study of rhythm, basic music theory, (and even folk dance!), students experience the joy of making music as a true ensemble and find his or her place as an essential part of a unified whole.