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Board of Trustees

Leading the Charge
All governance and administrative powers of Holy Trinity Classical Christian School not reserved to the Board of Governors are vested in the Board of Trustees:
Greg Baisch, President
Sarah Hyle, Vice President
Barbara Hathaway, Secretary
Martha Lynn Webb, Treasurer
Rev. Shay Gaillard
Hank Gulbrandsen
Rev. Joseph Lawrence*
Brenda Maddaluna
Gray Sanders
Gibson Solomons
Carol Wise
Brenton Bozard, ex-officio member as Chair of the Board of Governors
*The Headmaster participates in open session meetings, advises and informs the Board, assists in developing and implementing Board policy, serves as the chief instructional leader, and oversees operations. The Headmaster is  a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees for as long as he or she is employed by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School.