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Inquiring Minds
Here are answers to just a few Frequently Asked Questions. Please visit our YouTube Channel for a collection of FAQ-style videos (see Holy Trinity FAQs’ Playlist) which will provide answers to a variety of questions.
Is Holy Trinity affiliated with a particular Christian denomination?
No, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School is a Christian school seeking to minister across denominational lines. We have students from over a dozen churches in the Beaufort area.
From what belief set do you teach?
First and foremost, we have opened Holy Trinity Christian School because we believe that God has called us to do so. We believe there is a need for a Christian school that offers a strong scholastic, classical education. The classical model served as the foundation for education in Western civilization for hundreds of years. In fact, one can scarcely find  a Founding Father of this nation who was not classically educated. Holy Trinity is part of a nationwide movement seeking to return to those great roots. We are comprised of parents, grandparents, fellow Christians, and  concerned citizens who desire to have our children taught in the classical model with a firm Christian foundation.

What if my child has not had a classical education? Will he/she be able to adjust?
The vast majority of our enrolled students have entered Holy Trinity Classical Christian School without a classical education background. While our academics are rigorous and the curriculum is demanding, we have found that with parental support our  new students are thriving at Holy Trinity and rising to higher standards.
Does Holy Trinity offer scholarships and tuition assistance?
Yes. From the very seedlings of Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, there has been the strong desire to help those parents who want this education for their children but cannot afford it. We encourage any family in need to apply for tuition assistance. The application process is outsourced and confidential. For more information, please contact Tonya Nelson.
Is Holy Trinity accredited and do you take any standardized tests?
Holy Trinity is accredited through the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). Holy Trinity will pursue accreditation with a recognized national body at the appropriate time. In the meantime, we are Partner Members of the Classical Latin School Association. Our grammar and upper school students do take the ITBS exams annually. These nationally normed, well-established tests serve to provide valuable information on the progress of our students. As a whole, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School has consistently ranked in the top 10% on its national test scores.
Isn’t classical education stodgy and outdated?
As far as we know, no one who has ever left after a tour of Holy Trinity Classical Christian School walks away associating our school with stodginess or irrelevance. Rather, visitors overwhelmingly note the joy and enthusiasm inherent in our students.  As one visitor recently noted, the school is marked by a “refreshing combination of spontaneity and structure.” Not convinced? Please schedule a visit.