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Holy Trinity’s hope is that the Christian Studies curriculum not only instills Biblical knowledge, but is also used by God to strengthen faith.
Formal education develops the ability of students to use reason and critical thinking, tools which can be then turned against the Christian faith to attack and undermine it. Modern education, by its nature, tends to produce a strongly materialistic and skeptical frame of mind.
The Christian school has a unique responsibility to teach its young that while the intellectual tools he/she has acquired through his/her education can be used to attack the faith, they can also be used to defend it, that while the Christian faith may be above reason it is not contrary to reason, that belief is intellectually respectable, and that many of the greatest minds, both scientific and literary, in every age, including our own, have been believing orthodox Christians. We believe the Christian faith is true and that both reason and history support this belief.
Christian Studies I includes a study of all the major Bible stories up to the entry into Canaan. Christian Studies II covers the remainder of the Old Testament, and Christian Studies III covers the New Testament. Lessons include weekly memory verses, map and timeline work, as well as comprehension, drill, and discussion questions.
Through The Golden Children’s Bible, students learn the fundamentals of Bible stories, history, and geography, with solid detail at a manageable pace.
The King James Bible is used for Scripture memorization. The KJV has had a profound influence on the development of written and spoken English and is one of the greatest literary masterpieces in the English language. The KJV not only enables students to learn the sublime content of their Christian faith in a beautiful and poetic language, it also strengthens language skills in preparation for the study of English literature. Immersion in the KJV is a necessary step in the important goal of learning to read English literature over five centuries.
As evidenced by the Christian Studies Book List, students at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School will certainly be well-read, and highly educated, Ambassadors of Christ upon entering adulthood.
Our students do not merely skim the surface of the Bible; they embark on a three-year Bible reading course that builds faith by teaching Salvation history as real history.