Student Blog - HOLY TRINITY
Written by Caroline O’Neal

Wanted: Blog Name

Hello, Holy Trinity Students! This is the second edition of the student blog and I’ve been thinking about an important idea. This blog thing needs a name. We’ve all heard of famous newspapers like the New York Times but now we need a title for our own publication.


This week I’d like to send out a plea for any title suggestions for this blog. All ideas are more than appreciated and if we get a variety of great options I’d really love to have a poll.


Your suggestions can be written down and dropped in the Blog Box in the main entryway. I’m really hoping for a great bunch so please don’t feel intimidated. Anonymous suggestions are welcome but feel free to sign your name (full name please!) with your submission.


In this week’s news…
  • A box is now out on the bench where the box top canisters were. This box
    is for all questions, comments, or replies for this blog. The submissions
    will be collected about once a week and I hope that it will be well used.


  • The Heritage Hall Dance Society meets this week and we are planning to
    all use the train depot again. That huge space is really great and one of
    my favorite things is getting to walk over there in the dark as one big herd,
    talking all the way.


I hope everyone has a great week back from Thanksgiving break and now we can all start gearing up for Christmas!