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“And he who mingles music with gymnastic in the fairest porportions and best tempers them to the soul, may be rightly called the true musician and harmonist in a far higher sense than the tuner of the strings.” - Plato, Republic III


Teachers Miss Anna Booman, Miss Bywater, and Mrs. Mixson lead Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s Heritage Hall Dance Society, which is society is open to students in grades 4-8th and their parents.


Ever wanted to dance the Virginia reel?


Ever dreamed of dressing up for a ball?


Well, here’s your chance!


Members of the Society learn dances which are rooted in the rich heritage of English and American country and folk social dances.


Within this tradition, participants dance in a circle, line, or “set” which precipitates a feeling of inclusion, community, and joyful interaction others.


Indeed, the manifold benefits of membership into such a society include:


  • promotes physical exercise
  • improves coordination and movement within a group
  • strengthens the memory
  • enhances overall musicality and ability to play an instrument or sing in a choir
  • teaches manners and courtesy
  • fosters an appreciation for and inclusion into the traditions of the historical past
  • Participating in the Holy Trinity PRESIDENT’S DAY BALL in the spring


If you have any questions, or would like more information about Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s Heritage Dance Hall Society, please contact Fine Arts teacher, Miss Anna Booman.

Heritage Hall Dance Society

Holy Trinity's Heritage Hall Dance Society delights in their new venue!

Posted by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School on Friday, November 20, 2015