Grammar Student - HOLY TRINITY
Students at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School delight in rigorous academics, coupled with the camaraderie found amongst their peers.

Lilly Cooler (3rd Grade)

Q: H​ow long have you been at Holy Trinity?

A: Four Years


Q: W​hat’s your favorite Subject?
A: Latin; it’s fun that we’re learning a language


Q: O​ut of all the Specials, which do you like best?
A: Art on wednesdays is my favorite and I liked the ornaments we made for Christmas out of CDs and tinsel.


Q: W​hat does a normal recess look like for you?
A: I usually play soccer with my friends. I like being the goalie.


Q:​ What’s a typical day in Mr. Newman’s class?
A: First there’s morning work, then chapel. After chapel we work on Latin (Latina Christiana) and math. Then comes literature, lunch and recess, history and science and states and capitals.


Q: W​hat books have you read in literature this year?
A: We’ve read Farmer Boy, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Charlotte’s Web


Q: W​hat are some of your favorite books you’ve gotten from the Holy Trinity library?
A: Library is my second favorite special. I really love the Ramona and Beezus books.


Q: D​o you like having your mom being the volunteer P.E. assistant to Mrs. Patrick?

A: Yes, it’s fun to have her here.


Q:​ What has been your involvement in the Holy Trinity plays?

A: I’ve been in all the plays so far but my favorite roll has been being a sheep/ mouse/flower in the spring play “The Lost Princess.”


Q: H​ow do you feel about chapel?
A: I like learning about the Bible from Rev. Lawrence. My favorite topic in chapel this year has been Esther.