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“The ancients recognized that humans are not disembodied minds, but unities of body and soul- mind, will, and affections.” - Clark & Jain, The Liberal Arts Tradition

Running to God

Not only do cross country athletes at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School learn the value of physical training, they embrace the correlation between running and one’s journey with God.


Through dedication and perseverance, runners learn how to succeed with the right focus, emphasizing the importance of running for the team and God, not just for individual gain.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School launched their first cross country team in the fall of 2014, led by Josiah Tobin & Hilary Tobin, teachers and former collegiate track and cross country athletes.


Races take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the Lowcountry.


Holy Trinity captured SCISA Class A varsity state titles in 2016 for both boys and girls, in 2017 for girls, and 2018 for boys. Additionally, we have had an athlete win the state runner of the year award twice and another athlete finish individual runner-up once.


Holy Trinity’s three team goals for each cross country season are to:

  1. Run fast
  2. Have fun
  3. Give glory to God


Team Schedule

Varsity Roster (TBA)

Middle School Roster (TBA)


Through healthy competition and participation, students have a sense of accomplishment and excitement as a result of working hard and achieving something they didn’t realize they could do before. 


For more information about the Cross Country experience at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, please contact Athletic Director, Josiah Tobin.

XC State Championship Meet 2018