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Holy Trinity Classical Christian School Announces 7th Annual Spring Production, Lampstead Hall, a Mystery


BEAUFORT, S.C. –  Over 40 Holy Trinity Classical Christian School students will be performing in the 7th Annual Spring Production, Lampstead Hall, a Mystery, on Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10 at 6:00 pm at the Tabby Place located at 913 Port Republic Street, downtown Beaufort.


Lampstead Hall is an original play written by Holy Trinity second grade teacher, Elizabeth Booman. Miss Booman began writing plays for her family to perform when she was nine years old; she has loved theater and writing ever since. She wrote her first play for non-family members in 2012 when the need arose for a school Christmas program (this turned into Where Love Is, There God Is Also). Since then, she has written, directed, and choreographed 12 more plays for Holy Trinity Classical Christian School. Elizabeth writes the scripts, songs, and lyrics, while her sister Anna Booman provides musical arrangement. Anna is also a teacher at Holy Trinity where she teaches music and art.


In a synopsis of the play, Elizabeth Booman writes: “Mystery surrounds Lampstead Hall, the ancestral home of Lord Montmerle. When Lord Montmerle suddenly – and suspiciously – dies, his eccentric family descends on Lampstead Hall, each eager for a piece of the inheritance. But when the will is read, the family is left with more questions than answers; who is the true heir? Was Lord Montmerle really murdered? And what is the secret of Lampstead Hall?    So, travel, if you dare, to Lampstead Hall, and discover the truth for yourself.


A classic, gothic mystery, complete with suspicious characters, devious villains, and shocking twists and turns, this tale will keep you wondering until the last, spine-tingling moment. Join the race to find the heir of Lampstead Hall…or a murderer just might get there first!” Here’s what some of the student actors had to say about why you should see Lampstead Hall:


  • “The plot of the story is suspenseful and incredibly well written!  This play has been so much fun to be a part of, and I bet it will be even more fun to see!” Ellie Duncan, 7th grade (playing Inspector Pritchard) 
  • “Dedication, talent, excellence, a mystery written by our very own, the talented Miss Booman. This is what you will find in Lampstead Hall. Miss Booman is an amazing playwright and director and this show makes that clear. Rehearsed to perfection, the cast has devoted many hours, week after week, to bring these characters and their story to life. You will not want to miss this production of Lampstead Hall” Thomas Smith, 10th Grade (playing Roger Aberdeen)


Lampstead Hall is a family-friendly play that incorporates wit and wisdom throughout. It is sure to spark conversations around the dinner table. Tickets can be purchased for $5 by calling 843-522-0660 beginning Monday, April 29. They will also be available at the door on a space available basis. For additional ticket information, please contact htadmin@htccs.org.


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The Aberdeen Family

The Canucci Family

The Duvall Family

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