Volunteering - HOLY TRINITY
"Faith looks to the future, and the future includes our children and their children." - Douglas Wilson, The Case for Classical Christian Education

A helping hand

Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s viability depends, in large part, on an effective volunteer program.


It is amazing that although parent volunteer hours are NOT required at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, we have an extremely large outpouring of volunteer support for which we are certainly grateful .


From chaperoning field trips, to aiding in classroom activities, participating in teacher appreciation week, and supporting large events, our parent volunteers are everywhere!


If you would like to volunteer:
  1. Fill out the School Volunteer Application/Background Consent Form and drop it off at the front office.
  2. Fill out the online volunteer questionnaire so our volunteer coordinator can find the best opportunities to match your passion at the school.


If you have any additional questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Andrea Cooler at andreacooler@ymail.com.

Thank You Holy Trinity Volunteers

Holy Trinity is so thankful for all of the volunteer support received throughout the year. It truly makes a difference in the life of our school, and our students.

Posted by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School on Monday, June 15, 2015