“…classical schools focus on small classrooms, relational mentoring, and school community in which parents, teachers, students, and administrators work together, stay in close contact, and often even socialize together. Children experience a world in which they are known as individuals, known in the context of their families, and known over a period of years.” – Zoe Perrin, A Student’s Guide to Classical Education


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School cannot succeed in its mission without commitment and effort from the parents who enroll their children.


A strong partnership is essential

Parents and families support the School’s mission and fulfill their primary role as teachers of their children when they respect and support the efforts and staff of the School, promote the desire for and pursuit of learning, and model ethical and relational integrity.


Respect for and support of the School’s mission includes the following commitments on the part of every parent:


  1. Monitor and support School policies and procedures.
  2. Insure prompt arrival to School and promote their student’s full attendance to the maximum extent feasible.
  3. Nourish children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health to promote learning.
  4. Provide a home life and daily schedule that provides balancing and support.
  5. Help children to complete assignments and other academic demands and to communicate with staff as necessary to address particular needs.
  6. Be willing to volunteer and financially support the School’s work as feasible (Please note: This is NOT required.)
  7. Cooperate with School staff in providing needed information or other support when reasonably requested.
  8. Participate responsibly in classroom and School meetings and functions.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School is blessed to have a wonderful community of parents. If you would like more information on parent volunteer and/or fellowship opportunities, please contact parent volunteer coordinator, Andrea Cooler, at