Nourishing the Body - HOLY TRINITY

As seen in The Island News- Sept. 1-7, 2016


Plato, a pivotal figure in the development of Western philosophy, religion, and education, once observed, “Gymnastic as well as music should begin in early years; the training in it should be careful and should continue through life.”


No one takes his observation more to heart than Amy Patrick, athletic director of the Holy Trinity Classical Christian School in Beaufort. Administrators, faculty and students at Holy Trinity believe that nourishing the body works in tandem with developing the mind and cultivating the soul of each of the school’s 275 students.


Responsibility for engaging all Holy Trinity students—from the age of two through high school—rests with a former double collegiate athlete. An ideal choice as the physical education teacher, Mrs. Patrick earned a B.A. degree in Spanish with a minor in Biology at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., where she competed in cross country and lacrosse. Now a registered nurse, her academic interests involve physiology, anatomy and cultural awareness.


“As most things require teamwork,” she says, “the sooner young people can learn to work with others on and off the playing field, the better prepared they will be for difficult tasks and challenges later in life.”


And so, under her watchful eye, students learn about active, healthy ways of living. They’re exposed to exercises that can be enjoyed throughout their lives. They’re introduced to new sports and new challenges. They’re taught the basics of playing hard and well. They’re encouraged to maintain a good attitude. They’re taught there’s something to be learned even in losing. And they’re shown how to support and encourage their teammates.


Apparently the formula is working.


“P.E. at Holy Trinity is fun!” says seventh-grader Samuel Siller. “I’m pretty athletic, so I like competitions where I can use my skills.”