HT Volleyball - More Than Bump, Set, Spike! - HOLY TRINITY

Although winning on the court is always our goal as we practice throughout the season, glorifying God on and off the court is the priority for our team leadership! We are led by our Head Captain Rachel Cain, our Big Sister Captain Grace Glover, and our Prayer Captain Hailie James.
A few years ago, we developed a Big Sister, Little Sister concept within our volleyball program. Our varsity girls have created several fun ways to encourage our younger players to love God and to love Volleyball!
Head captain Rachel Cain expressed, “Through this Big Sister, Little Sister program, I’ve been able to see how younger girls look up to us and see us as role models. It’s been such an amazing experience to get closer to a couple of girls every year, and see how they grow as a player and an individual in their faith. I love being able to become closer to a different girl every year and keep up with them. Through this program it encourages us older girls to set the tone and example on and off the court. I’ve loved every moment, and I’m so excited to see how God is going to use this experience for us and the younger girls throughout their time at HTCCS.”
Led by one of our team captains Grace Glover, the older team members made the younger members of the team cards where they shared their favorite scripture and wrote a personal note of encouragement! The team put the cards in the younger players’ lockers as a surprise on the day of their first game! Later in the season, two of our captains surprised the team with homemade cupcakes complete with volleyball decorations!
Big Sister captain, Grace Glover, added “My favorite part about being on the HT volleyball team is sharing the experience with the younger volleyball players and encouraging them to glorify God on and off the court! The Big Sister, Little Sister program is a great way for us to get closer to the younger students and encourage them throughout the season. In the end, we are one big volleyball family who love, care, and uplift one another!”
Hailey James was selected by her piers to care for and nurture the prayer life of our team! She leads a special prayer time each Friday at practice where the girls pray for each other. She encourages the team to engage through prayer with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She also put together a bulletin board that offers their favorite scripture to anyone walking through the HT hallways!
Hailey added, “I am happy to be able to do this for my team. It has been a blessing to me to be able to lead them on and off the court as their sister in Christ.”
All of the girls on this team are incredible young women! They truly enjoy reaching out and encouraging the younger players! Our program continues to grow each year! I am so grateful for the off-court time I get to spend with this team! They are some of the best highlights of the season!
Drea Cooler
Head Coach, Varsity Volleyball