Holy Trinity Heros - HOLY TRINITY

Of all the weeks in the school year, a Holy Trinity teacher’s favorite is probably teacher appreciation week (with the exception of the last week of school when they finally send us off and get some peace and quiet for the summer). All week they are showered with candy, flowers and cards from parents and students expressing their gratitude.


This past week was teacher appreciation week with a superhero theme and lunchtime games patterned after the TV game show Family Feud. The hallways were decorated with streamers and each staff member was given a superhero identity. Mrs. Sweet was Groot , Mrs. Smith was Ant Man , Mrs. Hinson was Wonder Woman , and the Tobins were the Incredibles featuring Baby Tobin as Jack-Jack . Of course, as the man directing the whole show, Reverend Lawrence was Stan Lee.


Not only were our teachers super heroes, they also participated in a super villain rehabilitation fundraiser. During each lunch period, teachers played Family Feud to “sponsor super villains for rehabilitation.” They answered questions like ‘What U.S. city would 1st graders most like to visit?’ and ‘Which college would 7th-9th graders most like to attend?’ Surveys were filled out by students weeks earlier, but none of the students knew what or how their answers were going to be used. Everybody had lots of fun watching teachers try to guess the top answers and scramble to hit the buzzer. Steve Harvey (Rev. Alex Mark & HTCCS parent Cynthia Scarpa) was hosting and the winning team won gift cards.


In each class, teachers were also presented with various treats as thank-yous for all of their hard work. The Hermesmanns’ were given teacups and flowers, Mrs. Mayo and Mrs. Gooding received a cookbook compiled by parents, and Mr. Klazinga was given a giant poster board with sentences using the names of candy bars on it. Parents and students put their creativity, artistic talents, and generosity together to show the Holy Trinity staff how amazingly grateful they are. Caroline Mickel made posters for Family Feud teams and parents organized creative gifts and bought lunches for teachers. The whole week was a fun coming together of the Holy Trinity community to thank the people who make each day possible.


Friday was a teacher-in-service day and there was a luncheon held for all faculty and staff. Even though I wasn’t there, I’m sure it was a lot of fun and I know that Ms. Andrea Cooler and others worked extremely hard to make that luncheon and the whole week an enjoyable, entertaining week for the teachers.


Gratitude and joy always flow during Teacher Appreciation Week and this year may have been the best-themed year so far. Of course, we are grateful to the Holy Trinity faculty and staff everyday, but this one week each year is an opportunity for parents and students to express our gratitude in the most fun way possible. The whole week is best described by Mrs. Cooler. “Our vision for Teacher Appreciation week from the beginning was to begin a tradition that will carry on for the lifetime of our school. Many schools have a spirit week and celebrate the pride that they have for their school. We felt it would be more fitting for our families to take a week to show gratitude for our teachers and staff. This love and respect for our teachers in turn creates a positive and caring learning environment. Our hope is that this week will always be a treasured time for our students, parents and faculty alike.”


Vox Populi- The Voice of the People:

Earlier this year, I received a blog suggestion in my little red box- someone suggested I write about the growth of the school. It’s taken me awhile to get around to it, but it’s a great idea that I’d love to write about. While there is so much that I could say about this, I think it’s more important to hear from the Holy Trinity family. I talk too much anyway. I’d love to hear how students, parents and teachers have seen Holy Trinity grow.


Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just started this school year, please submit your responses to the red “Lion’s Roar” box on top of the trophy case in the front of the school. (The box has a stuffed lion zip-tied to the top; you can’t miss it.)


Our student blogger, Caroline O’Neal, is in the 9th grade at HTCCS.