Holy Land Pilgrimage - Day 6 - HOLY TRINITY


On DAY 6 of the Pilgrimage, our group arrived in Jerusalem after a very full day of border crossing, Masada, and Qumran and then a drive up to the Holy City. Praise God!


From Jordan to Jericho… Local authorities proudly call Jericho the “world’s oldest continuously inhabited city” and this is no idle boast–archaeological evidence traces the city’s history back more than 10,000 years. Our group had an opportunity to ascend the Mount of Temptation via cable car and marvel at the archaeological remains of Tel al-Sultan (Ancient Jericho).


From Jericho to Masada… The well-preserved ruins at Masada attest to the history of the ancient kingdom of Israel and the courage of its people in the face of a Roman siege. A visit to Qumran provided opportunity to explore some the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. And, finally, arriving in Jerusalem.


PHOTO ALBUM: Saturday, Feb. 1 – DAY 6