In The After-Matthew - HOLY TRINITY

The recent events of Hurricane Matthew have undeniably affected Beaufort, but the hurricane has not only yielded damage. Many people have taken this tragedy and turned it into an opportunity to serve. Holy Trinity students, parents and staff have been out in the community tirelessly working to help others. Whether it be in conjunction with a church or independently, students and adults have served through things like donating and distributing food, cleaning people’s yards and offering people places to stay.


Actions like these reflect Christ’s servitude for it says in Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Jesus came to serve us and to provide us with an example of how to serve each other. In cleaning a yard for someone who can’t, or in giving food to someone who is hungry, there is love.


Most people don’t rake leaves for fun or buy food that they themselves won’t eat, but people in Beaufort have done these things because there was a need. Generous hearts, including those of the Holy Trinity family, have reached out in response to a need with the love of Jesus Christ.


For example, one of the many relief programs in town has been through The Parish Church of Saint Helena. I myself took part in this and witnessed the work being done. People generously donated food to be given to residents in Parkview Apartments and Marsh Point. Then on a Friday afternoon, volunteers gathered to package, bless, and distribute the food. Many familiar faces of Holy Trinity families were there and children as young as five helped put peanut butter and jelly into bags. Then in a caravan of cars, we drove over to the apartments and went knocking door to door announcing the delivery of food.


In the face of a natural disaster, no one can guard against a power outage where all the food spoils, no one can magically deflect a tree off of their house, and no one can prevent their house from being flooded by five feet of water. What we can do is take our blessings and pay them forward. There is so much love within the Holy Trinity family but this hurricane has shown that we are also in the community, sharing His message through our service.


Of course, Beaufort was not the only place struck by Hurricane Matthew. Many areas were hit much harder and one of these areas was Haiti. In addition to local efforts for hurricane relief, Holy Trinity is also sending food to Haiti through our Feed the Need parent fundraising campaign. Before the hurricane hit, we had already pledged to send 10,000 meals. But now with recent events, and the success of Feed the Need, Holy Trinity is able to donate an additional 6,500 meals for people in Haiti.


Holy Trinity is a tight-knit family but we are also in the local community and in the world exemplifying the positive message of Christ’s love and servitude even in the events of a hurricane.


Our student blogger, Caroline O’Neal, is in the 9th grade at HTCCS.