Ninth grade at Holy Trinity is academically rigorous and the capstone of the Logic phase of the Trivium.

The Oresteia

classical studies/History

Ninth graders continue their journey through the foundational works of Western civilization as they read several of the great Greek plays. Specifically they read from Aeschulus (The Oresteia), Sophocles (The Three Theban Plays), and Euripedes (Medea, Trojan Women).


Christian Studies/Bible

In the 9th grade Christian Studies class, students delve into a history of 2,000 years of the Christian Faith. The topic of the course is the Christian Church from its origins in Judaism to the “house churches” in contemporary China.



Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 9th graders complete their learning of the Latin grammar with Fourth Form Latin. This course focuses on syntax as well as preparation to read Caesar. Students practice translation as well as continue to build their Latin vocabulary through Henle I.
Students entering Holy Trinity as freshman will commence their Latin studies with the Henle Latin I course.



Holy Trinity Classical Christian School freshman read Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Shakespeare, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen and selected pieces from a British Poetry Anthology. Socratic dialogue and circles are a regular part of the student learning.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 9th graders study advanced English grammar and complete the Common Topic Stage of Classical Composition.



Most Holy Trinity 8th graders take Algebra II having already completed Algebra I. Those students having already completed Algebra I and II move to Geometry.


Freshman also take a course in Formal Logic, including an in-depth study of the classical syllogism and material logic.



Freshman have an accelerated introductory course in Physics and Chemistry using Novare’s Mastery-Oriented Curriculum. This course will cover the nature of scientific knowledge, Newton’s Laws of Motion, variation and proportion, energy, heat and temperature, waves, sound, and light, electricity, fields and magnetism, substances, atomic models, the Bohr and Quantum Models of the Atom, atomic bonding, and chemical reactions. This curriculum written from a Christian foundation incorporates mathematics, history, and epistemology.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 9th graders attend chapel three days a week and have weekly Art, Music, and Physical Education classes.


If you would like additional information about the UPPER SCHOOL curriculum at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, please contact Headmaster, REV. CHAD E. LAWRENCE.