Eighth graders at Holy Trinity receive a robust and well-rounded academic foundation that will serve them well as they prepare to enter high school.

The Aeneid

classical studies/History

Students in 8th grade at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School begin the year with The Book of the Ancient Romans. Like any good Roman course, this one begins with the she-wolf who nurses in infancy the legendary founders of Rome: Romulus and Remus.


The rise and fall of a monarchy, the embrace of a republic with the simultaneous dislike for kings, and finally the rise of the Roman Empire teach the unforgettable principles about human nature and society.


Eighth graders then continue on to read Virgil’s great work the Aeneid. After Homer, the Aeneid is logically the next Great Book to study.


Christian Studies/Bible

In the 8th grade Christian Studies class, students delve into a history of 2,000 years of the Christian Faith. The topic of the course is the Christian Church from its origins in Judaism to the “house churches” in contemporary China.



Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 8th graders continue their studies of Latin with the Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2. This course focuses on reading Latin and learning about the culture of ancient Rome. In addition to reading, students are given opportunities to develop their skills in writing Latin, and are regularly exposed to spoken Latin as a means of communication.



Eighth graders read works flowing from the Old English and Medieval Periods, including Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Canterbury Tales, Henry V, as well as selected poetry pieces. Socratic dialogue and circles are a regular part of the student learning.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 8th graders study advanced English grammar, complete the Common Topic Stage of Classical Composition, and write an 8th grade thesis project based on one of the works of 8th grade literature.



Most Holy Trinity 8th graders take Algebra I, although some students take Algebra II (based on readiness).



Eighth graders study Physical Science using Novare’s Mastery-Oriented Curriculum. The course includes the study of matter and atoms, energy, forces and fields, substances, force and motion, waves, sound and light, and electricity. This curriculum is written from a Christian foundation.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 8th graders attend chapel three days a week and have weekly Art, Music, and PE classes.


If you would like additional information about the UPPER SCHOOL curriculum at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, please contact Headmaster, REV. CHAD E. LAWRENCE.