Homer is a poet for all ages, all races, and all moods. With the Bible and Shakespeare, the Homeric poems are the best training for life." - Andrew Lang

The odyssey and Iliad

classical studies/History

Students in 7th grade at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School begin the year with The Book of the Ancient Greeks. Their journey of classical studies continues, starting with Crete and ending in the Hellenistic Age ushered in by Alexander the Great.


Students learn about the development of Democracy, the primordial defense of democracy in the Persian Wars, the heyday of Athens (also known as the Golden Age), and that sad self-destruction known as the Peloponnesian Wars.


They then continue on to read the Iliad and Odyssey. The seminal works by Homer are the perfect place to begin their study of the Great Books of Western Civilization.


Christian Studies/Bible

In the 7th grade Christian Studies class, students delve into the Book of the Ancient World by Dorothy Mills. Seventh graders explore the geography, culture, architecture, and most prominent people of Egypt, Persia, the Hittites, Israel, and more. Not only does this course teach the valuable history and lessons of the ancient peoples, but students also are given an understanding of the people and neighbors out of which Christianity sprung.



Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 7th graders continue their studies of Latin with the Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1. This course focuses on reading Latin and learning about the culture of ancient Rome. In addition to reading, students are given opportunities to develop their skills in writing Latin, and are regularly exposed to spoken Latin as a means of communication.



Seventh graders will read Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, Shakespeare’s As You Like It, as well as early American short stories and poetry. Socratic dialogue and circles are a regular part of the student learning.


Seventh graders will continue in depth study of English grammar through the use of Rod & Staff English 8. Continuing to learn to become powerful writers, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 7th graders enter the Refutation-Confirmation stage of the Classical Composition curriculum.



Most 7th graders take Pre-Algebra taught using a college level Pre-Algebra textbook developed by the College of the Redwoods Department of Mathematics. Based on an Algebra readiness test given at the beginning of the school year, some 7th graders take Algebra I.



Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 7th graders study the planet earth using the J.H. Tiner text Exploring Planet Earth as well as Geography III: Exploring and Mapping the World.


Students study the climate, recent and current history, culture, and religion of every continent. In addition to labeling maps, students learn to draw each continent using the Robinson Map Project. This is a thorough world geography course.


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 7th graders attend chapel three days a week and have weekly Art, Music, and Physical Education classes.


If you would like additional information about the UPPER SCHOOL curriculum at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, please contact Headmaster, REV. CHAD E. LAWRENCE.