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Aristotle says that "to know a thing is to know its cause.”

Littlest Angels

Led by Ms. Rachel, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s youngest students, our 2’s, develop fine motor skills through building and drawing, and strengthening one’s grasp through arts and crafts.


Cognitive skills are refined through the introduction to number recognition and letters & sounds. Two’s also partake in music and physical education weekly as taught by the grammar school teachers who come to the preschool campus.


Two year-olds who attend Holy Trinity Classical Christian School begin Bible verse recitation through scripture, learn about a new Bible story each week, and recite the children’s creed:


I believe in God above. 

I believe in Jesus’ love.

I believe he died for me so I can live eternally.

And I believe his spirit too comes to show me what to do. 

And I believe he wants me to be as kind and loving as He. 


Holy Trinity’s littlest angels delight in learning what worship is while making friends and following a healthy & happy school routine.


For more information about Holy Trinity Classical Christian’s PRESCHOOL program, please contact Preschool Director, ADDY-JO HOFMAnN.