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"Education is therefore the process of teaching little ones to love God in everything." - Douglas Wilson, The Case for Classical Christian Education


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School has half-day programs for 2’s3’s, and Pre-K students on our preschool campus, housed at the Parish Church of St. Helena in downtown Beaufort.


The preschool teachers and assistants at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School truly love what they do, as well as the children. They frequently delight in the fact that, “It’s not really a job, it’s a love for God.” The entire preschool staff looks forward to coming to campus every day, educating little ones in partnership with parents.


The preschool curriculum at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School prepares children to be successful in kindergarten. Recitations start in the 2 year-old classroom and 3 year-olds learn the proper way to stand as a group in line, etc. Each class has a schedule that is adhered to daily.


Individual needs are addressed for the preschoolers. For some children it’s academics, for others it’s social skills, and for some it’s confidence to stand in a group to say the Pledge of Allegiance.


What also sets the preschool program at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School apart, is that students have music and physical education classes weekly taught by classically trained teachers from the grammar school campus.


And perhaps even more importantly for this age group is that all of this is accomplished through FUN and an excitement for learning about Jesus Christ and the world around us through games & songs, and weekly chapel led by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School Headmaster, Rev. Chad E. Lawrence.


After all, the more fun a preschooler has, the more they will remember, and look forward to the next day of learning!



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For more information, please contact Holy Trinity Classical Christian School Preschool Director, Addy-Jo Hofmann.

Holy Trinity 3 & 4 year-olds are captivated by the story of Noah in chapel.

Posted by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School on Wednesday, September 30, 2015