"It was the colossal triumph of the Greeks and Romans and the great thinkers of the Middle Ages to sound the depths of almost every problem which human nature has to offer, and to interpret human thought and human aspirations with astounding profundity and insight." - Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University

The middle ages

CLASSICAL Studies/History

The story of the Middle Ages is told through the lives of Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Edward the Black Prince, and Joan of Arc, among others. Fifth graders will explore the turbulent “dark age” of history and the transition from the end of ancient times to the birth of the modern era.


Christian Studies/Bible

Fifth grade is the final part of a three-year reading course that builds faith by teaching Salvation History as real history. Fifth graders study the stories of the New Testament in depth.


Each lesson is comprised of a Scripture memory passage, important facts to know (including people, places, dates, and events), vocabulary, and comprehension questions that draw out the golden nuggets of meaning in each story. Maps, timelines, activities, and discussion questions offer the critical integration that is central to classical education.



Fifth graders continue the journey of Latin grammar with Second Form. Building on what the student learned the previous year, Second Form reviews all material in First Form and completes the verb paradigms for all four conjugations in the indicative active and passive, and more.


Because Latin hymns are set to music, students learn them faster and remember them longer than a traditional memory exercise.  Christian Latin should always be the first step in learning to translate Latin literature because it has shorter, simpler sentences and clearer word structure than classical authors.  Just like you wouldn’t study calculus before you learn algebra, you shouldn’t approach Caesar, Cicero, or Virgil before you conquer Christian Latin.


English & Literature

Holy Trinity Classical Christian School fifth graders delight in reading Adam of the Road, Robin Hood, King Arthur, and A Door in the Wall. Most of these works are set in the Middle Ages dovetailing very nicely with their classical studies.


Fifth graders also memorize poetry, continue to reinforce phonics through Spelling Workout Level F, and move to the Narrative Stage of the classical composition curriculum.


In the narrative stage, 5th graders build invention skills as well as the ability to engage the imagination of an audience. They master the structures of thought that originate narratives and learn to create recognition by using figures of description. They develop the ability to communicate the same idea using a variety of words, sentence structures, and various perspectives.



Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 5th graders study the geography of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceana, and the Americas.


Lessons include learning physical features, history, and culture. Students will continue to deepen their understanding of past and present as they learn about ancient and modern countries.


After having completed 4th grade geography, students are ready to cover areas of the world outside the ancient Roman Empire.



Fifth grade students study vertebrates with a special emphasis on birds. Using the What’s That Bird? curriculum, students will learn about birds, their anatomy, and how they live. Students will explore 30 common birds, as well as several incredible birds.


In addition, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School 5th graders dive into the history of medicine using J.H. Tiner’s Exploring the History of Medicine, covering ancient physicians of pharaoh to genetic engineering.


Holy Trinity 5th graders attend chapel three days a week and have weekly ART, MUSIC, and PE classes. They also enjoy recess twice daily.


If you would like additional information about the Grammar SCHOOL curriculum at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School, please contact Lower School Principal, Lori Hinson.