Physical Education - HOLY TRINITY
“Physical discipline produces self-control, while perseverance through difficult activities produces patience and creates habits of hard work in attaining gorals- virtues that are invaluable in the classroom as they are in an athletic event.” - Clark & Jain, The Liberal Arts Tradition

Play Hard

Physical Education classes at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School can be summed up in one word, FUN!


Led by P.E. Teacher, Ms. Kate Glorioso, students try new sports, get out of their comfort zones, and learn the importance of teamwork as they delight in:


  • Learning about active/healthy ways of living
  • Exposure to exercises that can be used throughout one’s life
  • Introduction to new sports & challenges (You never know if you will be good at something unless you try it!)
  • The basics of playing hard…and well
  • Maintaining  a good attitude
  • Understanding that even when losing, there is something to be learned (and even celebrated!)
  • Encouraging one’s teammates
  • Enjoying the win!


As most things require teamwork, the sooner young people can learn to work with others on and off the playing field, the better prepared they will be for difficult tasks and challenges later in life. 


After a day of academic rigor, Holy Trinity 5-8th graders enjoyed outdoor bowling as part of Mrs. Patrick's exhilarating P.E. curriculum.

Posted by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School on Wednesday, September 16, 2015