"I would make everyone learn English; then I would let the clever ones learn Latin as an honor- and Greek as a treat." -Sir Winston Churchill


The study of Latin is part of the core of a classical education


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School’s Latin curriculum follows a traditional scope and sequence and is consistent with the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of the trivium.


In 2nd grade students begin their formal Latin instruction with Prima Latina: Introduction to Christian Latin. This gentle introduction to Latin is a course that prepares children for more advanced study of Latin in years to come.


Prima Latina was developed for children who are still becoming familiar with English grammar. Its goal is to teach and reinforce an understanding of the basic parts of speech while introducing Latin.


Third graders use Latina Christiana, while older students use the First, Second & Third Form series which provides clear explanations, easy instructions, and a step-by-step approach.


Students in the grammar stage emphasize the memorization of the Latin Grammar by the time-tested method of oral recitation and form drills.


Memorizing the Latin Grammar is a great challenge and thrill for students. The mastery of the grammar greatly enhances English language skills and builds the kind of confidence that comes only from great achievement.


Each weekly lesson consists of a grammar form, ten vocabulary words, and a Latin saying that teaches students about their Christian or classical heritage. In addition, every lesson includes simple English derivatives of Latin words to help build English vocabulary.


Exercises reinforce memory work and teach grammar in incremental steps through simple translation.


Latin develops the mind as no other subject can. There is no substitute for the mental development provided by the study of the Latin Grammar, a practice which was the norm prior to the 20th century.


Students in upper grades who have not had prior Latin instruction will be placed in First Form with other like students, ultimately progressing to Second and Third Forms.

Mrs. Solomons' 3rd graders prepare for their upcoming Latin exam on numbers by playing hopscotch in Latin!

Posted by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School on Friday, September 18, 2015
The Joy of Latin

Many Holy Trinity students develop a true joy for learning Latin.

Posted by Holy Trinity Classical Christian School on Wednesday, September 2, 2015