Classical Curriculum Philosophy & Subjects - HOLY TRINITY
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“The merely modern man never knows what he is about. A classical education, far from alienating us from our own world, teaches us to discern the amiable traits in it, and its genuine achievements; helping us, amid so many distracting problems, to preserve a certain dignity and balance of mind, together with a sane confidence in the future.” -George Santayana


Holy Trinity Classical Christian School offers a classical, Christian education.


The goal of a classical education is to develop the mind of the student through Latin and mathematics, and to develop wisdom and virtue through a careful reading of the classics. In all of our programs, we strive for continuity and mastery learning.


Classical education also focuses on teaching age-appropriate material through age-appropriate methods. We follow the classical trivium which emphasizes memorization of facts in the grammar school; evaluation, analysis, and integration of information in the logic stage or middle grades; and the articulate expression of ideas through the spoken and written word in the rhetoric stage of the upper school.


The education experience at Holy Trinity Classical Christian School is holistic in that it develops the mind, cultivates the soul, and nourishes the body.


Developing the Mind

Classical Studies/History



English & Literature


Fine Arts




Cultivating the Soul

Christian Studies/Bible



Nourishing the Body

Physical Education


Field Day


In addition to the robust curriculum, Holy Trinity Classical Christian School offers a variety of student life activities, from athletics to theater and more.