Headmaster's Welcome - HOLY TRINITY
This is an education that not only provides a person with a rich understanding of the world, it also teaches students how to think and how to engage in the great questions and challenges of the day with the wisdom of the ages.

Truth, Beauty, & Goodness

Classical Christian schooling is not new, though it is now rare.


So many of the great thinkers and scientists in Western civilization were classically educated- C.S. Lewis, Isaac Newton, Hellen Keller, virtually all of our nation’s Founding Fathers, and these seminal figures are just the tip of the iceberg.


Encouragingly, an increasing number of parents in the Beaufort area desire this foundation for their children. What a privilege it is to partner with them!


As I glance up at the various bookshelves in my office I note the many great works that surround me. We are thankful for the recovery of classical Christian education and for the opportunity to join this movement. Simply put, our students have thrived under the classical curriculum.


Many students would tell you that Latin is their favorite subject, they are reading and studying the great works of poetry, literature, art, music, and history that helped form Western civilization, and children are gaining a mastery of phonics and mathematics that will allow them to engage in the higher learning that awaits them in high school.


From the beginning, we have sought to provide top-notch academics in a Christ-centered school. Holy Trinity students have been awarded meaningful accolades over the past few years including statewide winners in essay writing and historical contests.


According to our year-end standardized tests, Holy Trinity has scored above the 90th percentile of schools nationwide. But, more abiding than the test results is that students are exposed to truth, goodness, and beauty on a daily basis. And, more abiding than exposure to those transcendentals is the relationship to God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that is nurtured here regularly.


We welcome you to enjoy our website to learn more about the excellence offered at Holy Trinity, right here in Beaufort, SC.



Rev. Chad E. Lawrence