A Year of Prayer - HOLY TRINITY


Greetings and welcome to Holy Trinity’s Student Blog, the Lion’s Roar. I’m Caroline O’Neal, a 10th grader at the school, and I’ve been writing this blog for two years now. The fact that we’re almost finished with the first trimester probably suggests that I’ve fallen behind on my duties a bit, but what a year we’ve had so far! With our Join the Journey Fall Festival and parent-led fundraiser both being a smashing success, I think we can all agree that Holy Trinity has been blessed with amazing people from our sponsors, our staff, our students and our supporters. The headmaster of our sister school, Good Shepherd Academy, Reverend John Chol Daau even traveled from South Sudan to be with us and participate in our prayer walk to pray for both schools. This brings me to the topic of this article and a big topic at Holy Trinity- prayer. Every aspect of the school from its foundation to its current success to its uncertain but promising future has been and is being built on prayer.


Five years ago Holy Trinity first opened its doors to 100 students. Now it welcomes about three hundred every morning. But before any students attended at all, the idea was first posed over a lunch- should and could a classical Christian school be brought to Beaufort? This idea was discussed by a few great men and women- our own beloved Bishop Hathaway being among them- and it was prayed over greatly. If a school was to be started there was also the issue of finding a headmaster to lead, teachers to teach, and students to attend. Of course, the wonderful and spirit-filled Headmaster and staff we have today are testaments to how the Lord answered those prayers.


Since the school’s founding we have continued to see God’s hand in somany ways. He has provided funds for our fundraisers, he has given volunteers for our events, and he has transformed those connected with the school. I have heard so many parents say that this school was an answer to a prayer within their family. Personally, I remember my own most amazed moment when I really thought to myself, “This is our awesome God answering our prayers.”  It occurred a few years ago when the school was presented with a $750,000 fundraising matching challenge. As a seventh grader, $750,000 was an unfathomable amount of money to raise, but somehow the donations just kept pouring in. I was so shocked by the generosity of people- people in different states who didn’t even have children here- giving with so much love. That’s just one of the many ways God has blessed us; when we called out to Him, He moved the hearts of others to give us what we asked for and more.


This past spring, a Holy Trinity parent and board member, Brenton Bozard spoke about the prayer ministry plans for this year. While prayer has always been a part of the daily life of students at the school, this year we’re seeing our prayer ministry growing. Before the school year began there was a prayer retreat held on campus led by Rev. Lawrence with our upper school teachers, Mr. & Mrs.Hermesmann, leading musical worship, and people praying in every room and outdoor area.


There is also now a prayer request box in the lobby, and the prayers submitted get sent out in the school’s weekly email. Furthermore, there are almost one hundred people committed to praying daily for the school. Mr. Bozard, Mrs. Hinson, and Mrs. Hathaway lead prayer groups that meet throughout the week. Mr Bozard’s group is a group of five Holy Trinity fathers, and it meets on Wednesday mornings to pray for the administration, the development team, the facilities committee, and the athletics coaches. Mrs. Hinson’s group meets on Tuesday afternoons and lifts up our teachers, students, families with specific needs, and all the requests that come in through the prayer box. Mrs. Hathaway leads a group that meets on Thursday mornings to send up even more prayers for the school and its welfare.


Prior to gathering information for this blog post, I had no idea that so many people were dedicated to praying for the school. When you see how strong this prayer ministry is how can you not be in awe of what God is doing for Holy Trinity? As Martin Luther once said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Holy Trinity is very much Christian, very much in prayer, and very much alive.