"The board is responsible to set the tone for spiritual leadership." - Douglas Wilson, The Case for Classical Christian Education


The Governors are a self-perpetuating body which meets annually and is charged with protecting the mission and vision of the school.


Suzanne Schwank, Chair

Fran Sanders, Vice-Chair

Barbara Armbruster

Mark Avera

Andy Beall

Audrey Bittner

Brenton Bozard

Eleanor Burns

Jane Burr

Sarah Burrus

Tom Cameron

Cindy Collins

Chuck Dalvini

Edna Davis

Rev. Shay Gaillard

Eric Gnau

Molly Gray

Jim Grimsely

Hank Gulbrandsen

Alden Hathaway

Barbara Hathaway

Mark Henderson

Jane Hincher

Katy Jones

Karen Kusko

Allison Lawrence

Mark Lawrence

Ann McDuff

Jane Manos

Steve Melvin

Jeff Miller

Kristin Miller

Kathy Mitchell

Stellena Mumma

Tom Oliver

Brad O’Neal

Bo Payne

Andrew Pearson

Tom Pickering

Steve Price

Alan Runyan

Gray Sanders

Mac Sanders

Ben Thompson

Jo Tudor

Martha Lynn Webb

Carol Wise

Karen Wolbrink


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